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Podcasts that I’m listening to

By september 10, 2013 No Comments

So there are some really sweet podcasts out there that I’m listen to pretty frequently. So I want to share them with you guys that may be read my blog. So here are two pod casts that I really like listening to while working or doing something that I don’t have to think that much. It’s super inspirational and you get great tips about things and you start questioning things that you do.

Back to work great talk about everything but mostly talking about focusing on work and talking about their experiences.
Seanwes super good designer and they have really good points.

I hope you will start listening to them and if someone has a great podcast please write to me I would love to know!

Oh, and I have signed up on a skillshare class about Cinema 4D and I’m super psyched about it. But it starts in two months!

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