About the project

The agency Garbergs came to us with a mission to educate the passengers of SL who use the train or bus in Stockholm, to take a certain kind of spare to get in. Because great many of the passengers were taking the smaller once, when they had luggage, dogs or children with them.  And risked being shut in the spares. So our videos that we made was a direction for people to use the bigger spares if they had anything else with them.

They were shown on the information screens in the subways and as print in the subways aswell.

My roles

  • Animation
  • Character design

For this project we used Cinema 4D as our main program, rendered with Octane. My role in this project was to develope the characters from scratch and model them in Cinema 4D. Characters like the dog and bag was made by Lois Nygren, and the mazing rigging was made by Nathalie Ohlson Timoudas.

The animation was made by me and I got a little help for some smaller parts.