About the project

Åkestam Holst wanted some help with thier client Norrlands Guld. To make some really nice icons and graphs, that would resemble like a medical commercial. The people in the commercial have a condition called mobileneck and the only solution is to make a counter movement. Here is were our hero Norrlands Guld shows up and solves the problem that is the ”counter movement”. That heals your neck.

It was a really fun project, and a really appreciated one as well.

My roles

  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

So for the graphics that I made, I used Photoshop early in the process to make some concepts. And went into Illustrator for the end product of the icons and the graphs.

For the comp, tracking and animation we used After Effects. The thought of the animation for the graphs and icons was supposed to be a little bit like neon signs that poped up.


Norrlands Guld - "Musik"

Norrlands Guld - "Ergonomisk"