Culture icons

Stockholms window for culture and entertainment



Stockholms Kulturförvaltning is an government organisation that have thousands of cultural events every year all around in Stockholm. And I had the privilege to work with them. The brief Visual Art got from them was that they wanted a wall to show of their events happening around in Stockholm. But they didn’t just want it to be a place where it was commercial for different events. That’s were I got in the picture, to make some animation.

My Approach

They had a lot of icons that they use in their graphical profile. So by using they basic shapes to my advantage and make some nice animations around them. Simple is often the best approach and that’s what I tried to keep in every icon. The icons was in the content to make it more alive and fun at the same time as it was informative. The icons could sometimes make a message for the viewers. The example on the image shows how I paint up the animations before I do them.

Early development of animation

Here you can see some examples of my animations sketched on paper. I pin out the bigger events in the animation and write comments were I want some certain detail to happen so I won’t forget or so I can come back to an idea later. By writing 1, 2, 3 steps as my main keys as an animation, it’s really easy to follow how the animation will play out.


Final result