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So if you want this poster it's available here, or if you just want to give me some love I'm just as happy.



I love to illustrate and one way I keep trying to develop myself of getting better at illustrating. By continuing making posters that I would think someone might like to have on their wall at home is so cool. I love to make moving pictures, but making still images makes it so much more real. Black Mamba started of by just me playing around with my favorite letter B on paper. And I got fairly happy with it so I decided to make a project about it. Were I remembered as a kid in the classrooms there were the alphabet with illustration next to it. I decided to make that but more for grownups.

My Approach

I started sketching it onto paper and scanned it in using my iphone and getting in to illustrator and refine the edges there. Took it into Photoshop and started to put some details on it and some colors that I like. Started boxing out the snake real simple with some strokes and did some research on how a black mamba look like. Took it to illustrator made it in there and did some finishing details inside photoshop.