Podcasts that I’m listening to

So there are some really sweet podcasts out there that I’m listen to pretty frequently. So I want to share them with you guys that may be read my blog. So here are two pod casts that I really like listening to while working or doing something that I don’t have to think that much. It’s super inspirational and you get great tips about things and you start questioning things that you do.

Back to work great talk about everything but mostly talking about focusing on work and talking about their experiences.
Seanwes super good designer and they have really good points.

I hope you will start listening to them and if someone has a great podcast please write to me I would love to know!

Oh, and I have signed up on a skillshare class about Cinema 4D and I’m super psyched about it. But it starts in two months!

Skillshare = super awesome!!

Have you guys ever heard of Skillshare, it seems so awesome!
For you who don’t know what Skillshare is basically a site were people from different industries show how they work on projects and gives tips. Of course it’s not free, but this is what makes it great. There is a value for the people who makes the tutorials to make them great. Because the people who takes the classes rate them. I will try out some of these classes this weekend. And I’m super psyched because I have seen some people I really look up to when it comes to design and motion graphics that have put up tutorials there.

Here is the tutorials that I will watch:
Jon Contino (Amazing style)
Matt Kaufenberg (One of coolest character designer in my book)
Sean McCabe (Great typographic designer)
Daniel Savage (Super sweet animation designer)

So if you want to develope your skills I think these videos could help. I will check one or two of them.